Music Bank

As a KPOP, I got to go see the live recording of a music show on Friday. The show is called Music Bank, and it is broadcasted through KBS, one of the main TV channels in Korea.
I arrived an hour earlier to fill out my registration and waited in excitement to enter the KBS recording studio. While waiting, I met a girl from Michigan who was studying at another university in Seoul. We talked about our favorite groups and how cold the weather was. Finally, we were let inside, and some groups were still doing rehearsals.
I was very overwhelmed by all the noise and lights but quickly adjusted to it. I was also very stuck by the hard work of all the groups. They danced and sang their heart out for just a few minutes on television. I’ve heard that being a KPOP singer can be very stressful, as they are expected to be perfect. They train many hours a day on not only singing and dancing but also public speaking, acting, etiquette, etc. Of course with all these hours of training, they are left with little time for fun. They are admirable as they are sacrificing much of their time to be able to perform and entertain others. After leaving the Music Bank recording, I can definitely say I gained a new insight on KPOP and feel more love with it.