End of Summer School

It has been an eventful and unforgettable month in Daegu. To start off first, the class I chose to take, South Korea and International Relations, was more interesting than I had expected it to be. I definitely learned how globalized the world is and how interconnected we are.

Outside the classroom, I learned how to communicate better. I was able to practice my poor Korean with taxi drivers and older ladies at the market.  I learned how to order food and ask for directions. At times I found myself completely unable to understand what a Korean person was saying to me, but luckily they saw my scared face and were patient enough to explain everything the best they could. One thing I’ve noticed here is that while people seem unapproachable, they are always willing to help if you ask. And if they see you struggling with Korean, they try to the best they can in English to help you.

In two days, KNU Global Summer School officially ends, and while many students will head back to their home country, I will be in Seoul, preparing for the start of my academic year at Seoul National University. Although I will be alone, I’m excited and curious to see how different Seoul is from Daegu.



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