First Impressions of South Korea

I arrived in Korea late Friday night feeling tired and anxious about what was to come. Immigration and customs took about an hour and a half, and afterwards I was dropped off at my guesthouse by the owner. The next morning I woke up and prepared to make my way to Daegu, the city my program was located, and had to take 2 trains to make it. I would have to stay the train experience was worse than the long airplane ride. I was constantly anxious that I might get lost or miss my train (I made it to the second train with 5 minutes before departure). Upon arriving in Daegu Station I was faced with the other problem of how to get to the school. I chose to take the taxi, which was scary as the driver seemed to not understand what I was saying. My phone had no signal and I could not contact my buddy for help. Luckily I arrived at the school, and with the help of a girl, I was able to find my dorm and meet up with my buddy. Overall, the last few days have been stressful and quite emotional. I find myself thinking about home and family more than I thought I would. I’m hoping that once classes get started and I have established a routine, I will be more comfortable and confident about being in Korea.

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