IAS Major/Minor Career Fair

Last semester, I attended the IAS Career Fair that was held in Hester Hall. At first I was surprised by the many opportunities there were for jobs in the IAS field. I had only known about working for the government, and so I’m glad I went to the fair.

I learned about potential internships  I can do later. I got into a good conversation with the man who had done some work though the Peace Corps. He told me about his time aboard and how much it has changed his mindset of the world. I think the Peace Corps is something I will definitely be looking into later on because it seems to match most of my interests.

Overall, the IAS Career Fair helped me to see that there are other types of jobs besides working for the government or something similar to that. ¬†Hopefully by the time I’m ready to apply for a job, there will be one that fits my interests and skills.

Brochures I picked up from various tables
Brochures I picked up from various tables


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