KCC Language Assessment

Feb 18, 2016
KCC finally started back up with lessons (well, kind of) this week. Everyone that attended this week’s meeting took a placement test to see what level their Korean was. Based on the scores of the tests, we are to be divided into 2 groups: beginner and intermediate. I did pretty well on the placement test, so I think I’ll be in the intermediate group. But, I’ll find out at the next meeting where I’ll go!

There were a lot of new faces at this week’s meeting, including a fellow GEF! I have known Sara since first semester but never really got the chance to hang out with her, and so it was a good surprise to see her. She went to South Korea in the summer on the same program that I am applying to this year. Hopefully I can hear some of her stories or tips for going aboard.

Speaking of studying aboard, I have finished my applications! Now, I have to wait patiently to hear back (hopefully good news!) I have also started to look into other scholarships I can apply to. I have applied for the PITF offered by OU and the Gilman Scholarship, which is a national scholarship. I am also looking into the Freeman-ASIA scholarship, but there isn’t much about it online. Applications for the academic year hasn’t opened yet, but I will definitely apply when it does.

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