Midterms and Plans

It is now the beginning of May. Back home, OU students are getting ready to take their finals and preparing for their summer vacations. But here in South Korea, I have just finished taking my midterms and doing projects. Although I am jealous of the OU students, I also remembered when winter break came around and I had two and a half months to sit around and do nothing.

With about 7 weeks left of school, it feels unreal that I will soon be leaving Korea permanently. I always knew that time flew, but everything seems to go by faster here. And so, I have decided to use my time wisely. I have plans to go not only to unexplored parts of Seoul, but all over the country. I will start my journey with a trip to Daegu to see Sara, and then together, she and I are heading to Yeosu, a city off the southern coast. We are both excited about going because we’ve heard great things about Yeosu. I’m excited to see the beach and have a break from the busy life of Seoul.

I’m looking forward to see Sara as well as see more parts of South Korea. After this trip, I wonder where I will go.

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