Return to Daegu

Last weekend, I decided to visit a good friend and fellow GEF, Sara Fisher, in Daegu. She is also doing an academic year aboard but in a different city. She has visited me a couple of times in Seoul, and so I thought I should go see her too.

After a three and a half hour bus ride, I arrived at her university, Kyungpook National University. I was here during the summer for the KNU Global Summer School program and I remembered the campus very well. I met her outside her dorm, and we greeted each other like long lost sisters. There was jumping and a little screaming. (It’s a good thing no one saw us…) Because I was feeling a little hungry, we decided to get coffee and bread at a place fittingly named ‘Coffee and Bread’. Afterwards, we chilled in her dorm room until we went for a quick round of karaoke before dinner. We had Korean barbecue, which is never bad. After walking around a little, we decided that we should both get some rest.

The next day we met for lunch. We had one of my favorite foods, ddeokbbokki which is spicy Korean rice cakes, After lunch, we had to go for coffee, and she took me to one of the cutest coffee shops. Although the interior was small, the coffee was amazing! I got a Strawberry Blooming Creme Latte, which to this day is the best latte I’ve ever had. It was very aesthetically pleasing and very delicious.

1000% would recommend
1000% would recommend

The rest of my visit flew by with more walking, talking, and eating. We told each other everything that had happened to us while we were apart and also shared many laughs. I had a great time visiting Sara, and I definitely will be back to Daegu to see her again!

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